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NOW HIRING: Account Lead/Marketing Director for Green Strategy Firm

*Please read the entire post.  Yes, the whole thing…before applying.

About us:

Green Rising Marketing is a growing strategy firm that looks at the world with a marketing lens.  We work exclusively with Eco-minded companies who think big and are looking to get to the next level.  We think 360, look for the root of the issue, and are working to redefine what the workplace looks like.  Find out more at

About you:

Koos_hiring-01You’re a good fit if…:

  • You have a professional demeanor and are self composed.  You present yourself in a way that instills confidence to a client and team.
  • ** You have the ability to control a room and facilitate a discussion to an effective end.  You have a sense of calm under pressure.
  • You are ALWAYS solution oriented.  Without exception.
  • You have confidence, as the strategic expert, in your recommendations, and know how to sell your ideas.  You also know when to let go.
  • ***You enjoy nurturing your team and watching them grow.  You understand that the workplace needs to be a safe place to launch, make mistakes, take risks, and be unembarrassed to be bold.
  • You understand the importance of keeping a keen eye on frustration levels, behavior, balance, and client interactions.  You understand the importance of stopping a meeting or email chain to address a bubbling issue – even if it’s uncomfortable, even if your schedule is packed, even if it may delay the deadline.
  • You hold boundaries firmly, and deliver them clearly and kindly.
  • You have a strong “gut” and intuition.
  • You live/breathe marketing, you see it in everything.  Your tendency to improve everything annoys even you.
  • You are constantly learning – ted talks, radio labs, etc., and consequently, are up on the trends
  • You are a leader with strategic, systems thinking. This way of thinking means there are often opportunities for you to say “I told you so,” but you never do.  Your team is prepared for things to go wrong, or can quickly correct when the unexpected occurs.
  • You know when to get mad – When it’s merited, you do it sparingly and with purpose.
  • You often thread together incongruous elements for unique solutions.
  • complex multi-faceted campaign thrills you.
  • You ooze creativity.
  • *Agency experience or multiple account management is preferred.

You won’t be a good fit if…:

  • you have ever, ever thrown anyone under the bus to save yourself or even the company.
  • you enjoy clutter
  • you’re typically late
  • managing the p’s and q’s of your team feels safe
  • you think people won’t change unless they get in trouble
  • you need training to speak in public or at the head of a meeting
  • you feel that emotional swings are the spice of life


  • ~10 years


  • Manage high level client relationships from start to finish …beginning with sales meetings
  • Oversee and Initiate art and creative direction (first and last approval)
  • Nurture/Manage/Direct a team of two from the big picture
  • Presentation and selling our ideas
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Billing & Budget discussions with client and team
  • Final say on resource use (ie: cherry picking your contractors)
  • Identify unspoken needs, and always address the spoken needs (even, and especially, if you don’t agree).

Salary & other delightful notes:
$50,000-$60,000 annual salary. Position begins as a 3-month contractor trial status, to move to full-time employee status. We operate a Results Only Work Environment:

How to apply:

Please reply to with the following:

  • Resume & short persona for yourself (less than 150 words) – as if you were the demographic to whom a company was marketing. Include a separate section of less than 100 words with needs, and what motivates you to push yourself.
  • Create a brief 1-3 minute video of yourself (cellphone quality is fine) addressing one of the following two topics. Videos will be evaluated on content, not technical expertise.
    • Demonstrate a talent. This can be any talent you feel is a representation of yourself.
    • Give us a tour of your neighborhood.
  • Name 1 marketing efforts made by another company, be it large or small, that you think were very effective and why.
  • Please include a portfolio with 3-4 pieces of work previously completed.