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LAST CALL for Pro Bono Candidates!!

Win by doing good: $10,000 of free work.


We want to fuel a worthy cause….for FREE! Because people deserve to know about you. If you’re innovating and world-shaking, we want to support you with $10,000 worth of strategy and messaging. * We’ll choose one social impact organization or one boot-strapping start-up. It must significantly support the environment.


– Answer the questions below

– Based on responses we will choose 3 finalists for an interview

1. What makes your organization special, and what has let you to this moment, right here, where you are feeling the need for marketing strategy?

2. What does ‘good brand strategy’ mean to you? If you think in examples, please share what comes to mind.

3. Who is you audience? Are you hyper-local? Regional? National? International?








4. Who are your partners? Who believes in you and supports you financially or in other ways? Be specific if possible.

5. Describe what you hope your organization will look like in 3 years.

To apply, click here or send email to

Deadline: November 12, 2014

*This offer does not include design, printing, web development, video, hard costs purchases, advertising costs, or photography. This offer includes all strategy, project management, and copy-writing.

*We are looking for 1 non-profit who is willing to exchange the equivalent in sponsorship or 1 start-up who is willing to exchange equity.