Our Team

Holly Hagerman

Founder & Brand Alchemist

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Background: My experiences are as varied as the tactics I employ.  I gleaned insights from over a decade of work with companies such as the Ritz Carlton, Maho Bay Eco-Lodge, and the United Way. Armed with a degree in Marketing/Communication from University of Maryland, I ventured about the world, living and learning the cultural nuances from DC to the Caribbean to Texas to Portland, and everywhere in between.

What brought you here:  A desire to sail and ski all from one location in the greenest city in the US.

After work, I’m most likely to be found… on a trail somewhere

#1 passion: Nature

Lauren Yokum

Project Manager

Hometown: Seaside, OR

Background: With a B.S. of Psychology and an emphasis on Anthropology, my experience in Business Development and design, together, helps me to see the BIG picture. Our selves, our environment, and whom we share it with.

What brought you here? An engaging opportunity to ingest creativity and culture.

After hours, I’m most likely to be found… In the kitchen, the garden, or playing with my rambunctious Border Collie!

#1 passion: Creating something meaningful.