Mark Desbrow

“Holly’s instincts for effective marketing coupled with her ability to execute efficiently and competently were exactly what we needed.  We didn’t want to hire a consultant who would make recommendations, we wanted someone with the confidence and ability to get things done.  We also were not large enough to hire a marketing staff member. Holly helped us maintain and exceed our aggressive sales goals at an affordable price.  Amongst many things, Holly created a marketing plan, created our database, organizing events, reformatting our website and all of our collateral.  She hired and oversaw someone to keep up with the day to day more administrative marketing needs to save us costs. The value the Holly brought to the table far exceeded the cost for her services. I have gotten to know Holly first as a consultant and later as a friend.  She is a good natured and caring person who will go to great lengths for causes that she believes in and people she cares about.”