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NOW HIRING: Green Marketing Project Manager

Green Marketing PROJECT MANAGER:

dream job

Green Rising is a growing strategy firm that looks at the world through a marketing lens.  We work exclusively with eco-minded companies that think big and are looking to get to the next level.   Find out more at

The purpose of this position is to carry brand strategy through each project and to build harmonious relationships with the client.

Duties/Skills needed:

This position is 70% project management, 10% front-end strategy, 20% back-end strategy.  It is 70% people management and 30% administrative.

Your day to day work will include print-checking files, drawing a layout for an event space, guiding a client through a weekly meeting, brainstorming with the Account Lead for a strategy session, monitoring budgets, securing approvals, reviewing estimates and schedules, approving invoices, posting to social media, monitoring analytics, relaying creative direction to a designer, and fielding lots of emails and communications.

You will have 10-20 balls in the air at every moment – you should thrive on this and handle it gracefully.

The client should feel guided and confident at all times, knowing where they are in the process, and our internal team should feel that the work load is manageable (i.e. we are not constantly putting out fires, missing deadlines, or playing catch-up because of poor scheduling).

*Design skills are a HUGE plus.

If you…

  • LOVE THE ENVIRONMENT (An absolute must)
  • think in systems and can’t rest until you have organized said system
  • have strong gut intuition and aren’t afraid to use that as a reason for decision making.  (assuming your gut is usually right)
  • lead and are led well.  You know how and when to delegate to get the best product from yourself.  You do not try to be a martyr, you do try to be part of a healthy, functioning team.  You welcome feedback at all times.
  • are extremely flexible without sacrificing your sanity and boundaries
  • **understand people feel safe around a good listener and a strong guide – you are known for this
  • are detailed oriented – sometimes painfully so (You know when to let go to meet deadlines, and when to sacrifice a deadline to get something right)
  • are open to challenging the status quo, you’re not afraid to respectfully speak up
  • have a knack for finding the right time and manner for speaking up
  • get excited about your work and bring energy to a team, even in tough times
  • have occasionally taken time for creative writing, it’s not a struggle for you
  • love ideas, and can call them up during a strategy session to spark creativity
  • feel consistency is crucial
  • consistently take time for yourself …

… then you’re the person we want!


To help us get to know you better, please submit to

  • your resume
  • Write a brief recap about a time you saw a project through from start to finish.  Who did you need to involve? What direction did you give those involved? How did you determine deadlines and budget? Did you meet the deadlines and budget?
  • Name 2 marketing efforts made by another company, be they large or small, that you think were very effective and why.