V2 (Virtual Venues)

No hiccups. Literally and virtually.

V2 is a company offering white-glove service in webinar production. We worked with V2 to reimagine their identity as “virtual stagehands,” highlighting the style, ease and attention to detail that set them apart from a world of “technical difficulties” and DIY-centric competitors.



To make the world a little less stressful by thinking of every online event detail so you don’t have to. We envision a world where people remember the message, not the mess-ups, so you can relax.

It’s the speaker, not the stage.

Marena is a 41-year-old conservative East Coast-er who works for a large corporation. She’s extremely organized, flawless in presentation, and highly professional. She’s also warm and caring, with a good work-life balance. Due to stress about heavy work load without enough people to help, she’s very happy to have V2 as part of her team. She trusts them to worry about tech-y details, be professional, and let her focus on what she does best. Because of this relationship, she will definitely be referring V2 inter-departmentally. When not at work, she spends time with her husband and two kids.




  • Naming
  • Brand Identity (logo + styleguide)
  • Website
  • Photography
  • Animated Explainer Video
  • Digital Brochure

Time to completion

4.5 months


How did we do?
“They were really good about focusing on what we do and finding our message.” – Greg Greer


Brand Guide Page3-VRVN_Page_01Identity (logo + styleguide)

Websites on Comps-GRM10Website

Websites on Comps-GRM11Website + Photography

Animated Explainer Video

Sales Collateral bef_aft-VRVNDigital Brochure