Friends of Trees


Friends of Trees (FOT) is a beloved, Portland tree-planting non-profit.

They had great brand recognition in their colorful, but cluttered, cartoon graphics, which randomly used 5-7 fonts at a time. Messaging was text- heavy, generic, and left you feeling “meh.” Their goal? More tree sales. More donations.


We stripped away fonts, colors, and text, giving the call to action breathing room. We made the messaging more powerful and let it stand on it’s own— in the sweet spot between “fun” and “respected”—in order to impress both a mother of three and a corporate exec.

Award Winner: 

2014 PRSA Spotlight Award of Merit for Annual Report



  • Brand Analysis
  • Integrated Marketing Plan Calendar
  • Campaign Strategy
  • 25th Anniversary Icon
  • Annual Report
  • Advertising (Metro + Billboard + Facebook)
  • Print Collateral (Posters + Yard Signs + Door Hangers)


Time to completion
11 months


How did we do?

“I was really, really impressed with the way you handled all of our input…I feel like our ideas and opinions were heard. You’ve got some serious listening skills.” – Susie Peterson, Neighborhood Trees Specialist Friends of Trees 

36114 FOT Annual Report Proof 1Annual Report Cover

Annual Report Mockup-FOT.SMALL

Annual Report


Pullout Poster



Facebook Ads-FOT

Facebook Advertising

Metro Ad Rend-FO.SMALL

Metro Advertising

Door hanger.SMALL

Door Hanger