The Sheldon Cooperative

Bing and Carolyn Sheldon had a great vision: To create the West Coast’s only housing co-op for members over 55. Undeterred by the nation’s worst housing crisis, we created a sense of camaraderie around the project (before even breaking ground), spreading the co-op concept through tailored events, highly-targeted ads, and a carefully crafted message. Grassroots promotions gave way to a spirited community, and we filled the 45-unit building, priced between $400-600,000 each, in less than 6 months with a 10-family waiting list.

What housing crisis…?



  • Brand Analysis
  • Print Collateral
  • Press Relations
  • Radio, Online & Print Advertisement
  • Website
  • Grassroots Promotions/Events
  • Video Production
  • Social Media – Facebook
  • Strategic Community Partnerships

Time to completion

9 months


How Did We Do?

“Green Rising Marketing has brought energy, commitment, information and skills to our very challenging efforts to develop a client data base. Their resourcefulness in finding inexpensive ways to advertise to our target audience has been exceptional. Green Rising is deserving of the highest recommendations we at The Sheldon can offer.”  – Carolyn & Bing Sheldon, The Sheldon Cooperative

“The value that Green Rising Marketing brought to the table far exceeded the cost for their services.” – Mark Desbrow, Green Light Cooperative

“Green Rising Marketing has been a dream to work with.  Their first assignment was to fill a room of interested people for an event with only two weeks notice and they seemed to accomplish this with ease.” – Mark Desbrow, Green Light Cooperative

45-units, priced $400,000-600,000, were sold in under six months with a 10-family waiting list during the nation’s worst housing crisis.


Brochure5Print Collateral

Event side by side-SHLD
Grassroots Promotions/Events

Ad for website-SHLDPrint Advertisement

Websites on Comps-GRM5Website (before)

Websites on Comps-GRM6Website (after)

Press for website-SHLDPress Relations