C.E. John’s properties fall within a 10-block radius at the north end of Northwest Portland. Attuned to the difference a few blocks’ walk can make, we set out to highlight the distinct, quiet, cozy vibe that contrasts its bustling counterpart to the south.

Our mission was to inspire a love for the neighborhood. Only after we touted the tree-lined streets, cafes, and walkability would we introduce the buildings and the company who developed them.

This type of subtle, long-term strategy is what C.E. John (and Green Rising) stands for.

Award Winner:

2014 American Marketing Association MAX Award for “PR Operation Success!”


We created a unified NW PDX brand to support the marketing efforts for each individual building. Our community outreach strategy included the following:

1. Scout Books

This guide will lead you to the best bites, brews, shopping, and recreation. Whenever possible, we highlighted the location. location. location.

2. Photography

Photos of walkable, tree-lined streets, quaint cafes, and eclectic shops show off the vibrant lifestyle.

 3. Leasing Package

A flexible, interchangeable leasing collateral system will serve C.E. John for years to come.

4. Perfect Day Contest

We held a contest, sprinkling posters, postcards, and scratch-offs in the area to get people thinking of what NW PDX has to offer.



  • Brand Analysis
  • Identity (graphics + business cards)
  • Brand Architecture
  • Community Outreach Strategy
  • Press Relations
  • Photography
  • Events
  • Leasing Collateral
  • Social Media – Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram


Time to completion
Still in progress.


How did we do?

Always the softy, the client expanded the winners of our “Perfect Day in the NW” contest to 3 lucky couples. Their perfect days included:

– Early morning pain au chocolate at St. Honore

– Driving the West Hills in a convertible

– Dinner at Andina

IMG_5227_Website_smallScout Books


IMG_5107_Website_smallLeasing Package

IMG_5076_Website_smallPromotional Print Collateral