The Benevento

They say he was the symbol of an era—hardworking, humble, salt of the earth. The beloved NW groundskeeper of the Portland Beavers for forty years, Rocky Benevento Sr. was a symbol of simpler times. Of push mowers and roasted peanuts and letting the kids into the game for free.

Rocky Benevento’s story of baseball, community and good citizenship became the cornerstone of our branding and design. Our tagline “Let’s all be a little more like Rocky” reflected this sentiment and we welcomed his family and their extensive network as the biggest cheerleaders for the building.  Elements of Rocky, including a baseball themed Happ Tivey art piece, historical photos, and stitched leather were woven through events, interiors, and collateral.



To diversify the energy of the emerging NNW. We envision a refined modern building with a cozy feel and nostalgic charm.

Modern, meet classic.  Classic, meet modern.  Portland, meet Benevento.

Meet Ian: Buddy Holly Style Glasses, prematurely greying hair, but well put together.  Has a few old electric guitars on display in his place, which he rarely plays but wishes he did more.  He doesn’t seek out community, but he welcomes it if it comes to him.  He enjoys his own company, but can feel a bit lonely occasionally, so he wants to stay in an active place and absorb the energy.  He has a good job as a young engineer (32) in the Pearl or Downtown.  He wants to have a cool place for ladies – and although he’s not a ladies man, he takes time to find quality like-minded dates.  He’s quieter, but likes to be around people. He has a few prominently displayed nice or bold pieces of art work in his place…in fact he’s pretty proud of how he’s decorated.




  • Brand Analysis
  • Naming & story finding
  • Identity (logo + styleguide + business cards + letterhead)
  • Community Outreach Strategy
  • Press Relations
  • Photography
  • Website
  • Events + Grand Opening
  • Interior Branding
  • Property Signage
  • Leasing Collateral
  • Social Media – Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram
  • Welcome Gifts
  • Marketing System Integration

Time to completion
13 months


How did we do?

“I’m honored to be a part of your team. You truly care about each other, the client and the community. Keep up the amazing work!” -Julie Benevento Ball, Community Member

“SPOT ON.” -Tom DiChiara, Vice President of Development, C.E. John Company

+ By the Opening Day Event, 17% of the leases were signed, and within 8 weeks, all 24 units were sold-out.


Logo on fabric-CEJN_B - JPEGIdentity (logo)


Identity (stationary)

Benevento-Photos-(119)_webCommunity Outreach Strategy

Booth for website-CEJN_BCommunity Outreach Strategy

Press for website-CEJN_BPress Relations

Photog for website-CEJN_BPhotography


Websites on Comps-GRM8Website

Event for website-CEJN_BGrand Opening

20130524_Benevento_1469Interior Branding

BEN_MeetRocky_v2.2-lo - JPEGProperty Signage

WGift for website-CEJN_BWelcome Gifts