Solve Your Conflict

Why don’t people talk about it?  You know…the Big D.  Divorce.  This is a sensitive topic, but the lack of discussion leaves hurt couples with the only option they know: lawyers and a vendetta-based system.  For Jim O’Conner, specialized in the alternative, Collaborative Divorce, we went to the root of the problem – no one knows that this formalized process exists.

So, we took to the streets and started asking people how they had been affected by divorce, creating a remarkably truthful video with perfect strangers.  We then placed highly targeted advertisements on Pandora radio, where people could easily and privately engage.  Next a private Facebook group allowed people to commiserate, find support, and be encouraged in the peaceful process.



To help people divorce peacefully by providing a safe and respectful environment.  We envision a world where people access their best selves to heal and move forward feeling heard.


Separate together.




  • Video Production
  • Website Refresh
  • Online Radio Advertisements
  • Social Media – Facebook

Time to completion

9 months


How Did We Do?

“The best thing about it is they get it–not only in their head, but in their gut. The consistency with my values is so important, and it’s really nice to work with people that I trust 1,000% to get things done.” – Jim O’Connor, Solve Your Conflict

“I feel a buzz, and I don’t know what the hell it is, but since that website has been up I’ve felt a buzz.  The good news is that I”m busy but the bad news is, I’m so damn busy, I’m having trouble keeping up.” – Jim O’Connor, Solve Your Conflict 

“My presence in the universe is a lot different because of you guys.” – Jim O’Connor, Solve Your Conflict


Video Production

Video Production

Websites on Comps-GRM12Website Refresh

Websites on Comps-GRM13Website Refresh

Pandora for website-SOLVOnline Radio Advertisements